Routine and Cosmetic Dentistry Fees Guide HQ dental care our experienced and caring team are dedicated to providing the highest standard of dental care for everyone...and because we are part of one of the country’s leading and award winning laboratories we can provide some of the most advanced cosmetic and restorative treatment available. Modern dentistry with total laboratory involvement makes almost anything possible... at HQ all our crown and bridge cases involve technician shade taking...this means that we can colour match even the most complex cases ...Seeing the patient makes all the difference and sometimes it's amazing what we do...Please be aware that every implant case will require a CBCT scan to allow our Implant Dentist to assess the suitability of your mouth. This scan is taken within our centre.


A dental examination is performed on all of our patients to look for any signs of dental decay or gum disease. It is vital that if you are having dental implants that there are no outstanding issues as the implants can be affected by bacteria from other parts of the mouth. Our highly experienced implant dentist Dr Kumar will inform you of any issues that we can resolve prior to having you dental implants placed.

New patient examination including x-rays
Exam for full denture
no charge

Start your journey by finding out what treatments are suitable for you and meet our wonderful team with a New patient exam and assessment £35

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This is a very popular treatment amongst our patients. For those investing in new teeth it is a great way to brighten up the rest of your smile by having this simple and painless treatment. If you are considering tooth whitening it is important to have this treatment prior to the fit of your new implant crown, so that our technicians can ensure to match the colour of this tooth to your new brightened smile. We offer take home tooth whitening options using the world renowned Zoom tooth whitening gels and we can provide full kit and instruction within a few hours following impressions.

Whithening - home tray kit£280Whithening gel(10 syringes)£60


Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene visits are a key part of any dental implant treatment. Dental Hygiene covers all aspects of cleaning and polishing the teeth as well as maintaining good gum health. It is vital that your gum health is stable and strong to allow for dental implants to be placed successfully and to avoid infections once the implants are secure. Dental Hygiene visits at the HQ dental care will also provide you with all of the necessary information that you require to ensure that you know how to clean around your implants to ensure there longevity.


Unfortunately you may have had large silver (amalgam) fillings placed in the past. Amalgam is a strong material but unfortunately does not look very pleasant in the mouth. Many patients choose to have these fillings changed to more cosmetic composite (white) fillings. These are blended into the natural shade of your teeth and funtion just as well as silver fillings.

Scale and polish£45
Composite filling (white filings)from £80
Amalgam fillingfrom £75
Extraction (simple)£80
Complex, surgical extraction£120
Crown re-cement£70
Root canal treatmentfrom £300
Metal ceramic bonded£495
Metal-free zirconia£595
Metal-free full form£495
Gold shell crown£495
Indirect composite inlay£325
Temp adhesive bridge(for implant)


Mouth guardfrom £85

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